Good Food Expo 2019 Exhibitor Registration

03/22/2019 07:00 AM - 03/23/2019 05:00 PM CST


The Exhibit Floor - the Heart of Our Event!
Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the 2019 Good Food EXPO. Below, please find answers to common exhibitor questions.  Additional information can be found on our Exhibitor Website. Note: This form is NOT for those interested in being a Good Food Court Vendor. Please contact Lisette if you are interested in this area of the event at

Common Questions & Answers

Each Exhibit Includes:
- 6 foot by 8 foot (48 sq.ft.) space
- 6 foot table with tablecloth and two chairs
- Listing in the Show Directory and on the website
- Same-day admission for up to four representatives from your business (see below)


What are the daily hours?
Exhibit setup begins at 7:00am EACH DAY. All displays must be ready and staffed by 10:00am. Attendees want to talk to you, so please staff your exhibit the entire day.  Even if you run out of samples, please plan to stay the entire day.  Breakdown begins at 5:00pm.  Exhibitors are NOT to breakdown early.   All items must be removed from the building on Saturday, March 23, 2019.


How many badges do exhibitors receive?
Each exhibitor will receive four (4) badges in the form of wristbands. These will be signed out when you check in. You are responsible for making sure each of your reps has a wristband when on site. If you have questions, please visit the Onsite Registration desk, located inside the main entrance of the building on Halsted Street.


Are sales allowed at the show?
Yes, sales are encouraged.  But please note that exhibitors are required to collect appropriate sales tax. Those exhibitors electing to sell goods and services for delivery at the Good Food EXPO must also obtain an Illinois Business Tax (IBT) number --
 . If you are planning to sell alcohol, you must contact FamilyFarmed in advance.


Do I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance?
Yes.  All exhibitors are required to provide and keep insurance during the show period, including move-in and move-out, General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming FamilyFarmed, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois as additional insured (see below for addresses). The Exhibitor further understands and agrees that neither FamilyFarmed nor the UIC Forum maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor's property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance. All COIs must be emailed in advance to


     The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois                 
     725 W Roosevelt Rd.
     Chicago, IL 60607




     225 W. Hubbard St., Suite 650
     Chicago, IL 60654


Can businesses share one exhibit table?
Yes, more than one business may share an exhibit table.  Only registered exhibitors will be listed in the show directory and on the website. If you will be sharing a space and want both companies to be listed in the show directory/website, please contact FamilyFarmed.  Exhibitors sharing space, but not officially registered, are still required to provide Certificate of Insurance and follow sales tax requirements. Please note that you will not be provided a larger table or space if sharing.  All activity must be performed in the assigned table and space of the registered exhibitor.


When will I know my exhibitor table assignment?
Table assignments and move-in instructions will be communicated and posted on the Event website in early March.


What are the Move-In, Unloading Requirements?
Once unloaded, all vehicles must be moved away from the dock immediately, so please have a second driver onboard. There are no forklifts available for our use. A limited number of flat carts and hand trucks are available for our use, so bringing your own will likely save you time.


Is electrical service available?
There is an additional charge for electrical service. Electric outlet locations are limited so you must request and pay in advance for this additional service at time of registration.  Make sure to bring your own power strips and extension cords as none are provided nor available by the Event. 


Stoves and Cooking
You may use a crockpot, electric skillet, or Sterno to heat food. Gas, propane and other combustible materials are not allowed within the facility.


Sampling and Serving of Food 

You may provide free samples of only those products that you produce, process and/or distribute during your regular course of business. If you are handing out samples, you will need to use CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE plates, cups and utensils PROVIDED BY ONYX, the exclusive provider of disposables for the EXPO. No outside disposables allowed for sampling or serving food at the EXPO. If you will be using disposables, you will receive a form with a list of ONYX options for you to choose from.


Resource Recovery: Composting & Recycling

Working with UIC Office of Sustainability and Bright Beat, FamilyFarmed is asking exhibitors to help limit the amount of waste produced from this event. Please separate your waste into the appropriate marked bins onsite, donate unserved food, beverages and other excess items through our coordinated donation program, consider reusable options instead of single-use items (i.e crates vs. cardboard boxes to carry your goods) and do not bring disposable serveware. Click here for the Zero Waste Cheat Sheet and Tips for Exhibitors.


Terms and Conditions
The Good Food EXPO reserves the right to limit and assign spaces in the best interests of the Event.  FamilyFarmed will not assign exhibitor table numbers until payment has been made in full. By registering and submitting your request to FamilyFarmed, the exhibitor acknowledges, agrees and consents to adhere with set-up instructions as posted on the website: FamilyFarmed's receipt of any registration is not to be construed as acceptance and approval of registration. It is binding only after the registration is executed by FamilyFarmed, at which point no refunds can be made. Exhibitor also agrees to allow FamilyFarmed and any of its media partners to use photography or video taken at the Good Food EXPO.



2019 Exhibitor Pricing:
$975........................Standard (Two Days)
$775........................Standard (One Day)
$470........................Farmer/Nonprofit (Two Days)
$370........................Farmer/Nonprofit (One Day)

Early bird discount of $100 if you register by December 31, 2018.

Pricing for ADD ON Items:
$400.......................Corner Location
$125.......................High Power Electric (110V / 1500W Power Outlet)
  $75.......................Regular Electric (110V / 500W Power Outlet)
  $75.......................Pipes to Hang Banner Over/Behind Exhibit

For Exhibitor questions, please contact Lisette at or 312.874.7363.